Hyperproof: Compliance Throughout the Business Life Cycle

Craig Unger, CEO, HyperproofCraig Unger, CEO
Although essential, many companies don’t turn their focus towards compliance until it’s time to start preparing for an audit. In a company usually springs in during the later stages of the business cycle, mostly preceding audits. In such times, the management of some companies often stays on edge, not because they did anything wrong but due to the lack of proof of having done everything right. Additionally, with new addendums in existing guidelines and the emergence of new regulatory frameworks, the compliance field continually evolves, leading to an increased workload for the compliance management staff with every new business cycle. Hence, a new operating model/methodology called Compliance Operations (ComOps) came into being, where companies can manage security compliance and security assurance programs on a day-to-day basis to conduct effective IT risk management.

At the forefront is Hyperproof — a ComOps solution provider whose eponymous software allows users to set up controls and processes, and gather evidence of control processes needed to prove that their organization has effective security compliance controls throughout their operation life cycle and thus would be ready for audits at any time.

Hyperproof's intuitive, easy-to-use platform allows security clients to control their organizational workflow and implement a compliance framework from the very start of their operations. Using Hyperproof, users can invite all the stakeholders involved in a security and compliance operation and assign them various tasks and responsibilities. They can also track them through the platform and notify them of their upcoming schedule and their operation's progress in real-time. All the pertaining data is aggregated and is available for the user's and stakeholder's review in Hyperproof's simple-to-read dashboard.

Clients can use Hyperproof to implement best-in-class cybersecurity standards like SOC 2 and ISO/IEC 27001 and data protection statutes like GDPR and CCPA.
In addition, the platform currently supports dozens of different compliance frameworks that include nationalized regulatory standards like NIST and CMMC, along with localized frameworks like California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and Florida Information Protection Act. Furthermore, Hyperproof is so flexible that an organization can use it to implement any internal additional custom compliance standards and regulations that they want their organization security operations to abide by.

Hyperproof can also integrate with multiple service platforms like JIRA, Asana, Slack, Zoom, etc., so that clients can fit compliance work seamlessly into their existing business operations. Upon integration, the platform automatically collects any operation data the user cares about from within those platforms. The platform also integrates with cloud storage platforms such as Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive, and evidence stored there can be automatically brought in the platform on a scheduled cadence. Hyperproof also has a sophisticated enterprise feature called Teams, where larger organizations can run a single compliance framework across multiple teams at once. The different compliance and security workgroups can oversee the entire business and security operation and observe all the occurring workflow exceptions to manage it more efficiently.

Hyperproof's intuitive, easy-to-use platform allows security clients to control their organizational workflow and implement a compliance framework from the very start of their operations

With the help of its highly efficient ComOps platform, Hyperproof can garner clients from various countries worldwide, including the North America, EU, Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia. As it expands, the company is striving to incorporate broader sets of compliance frameworks into its software and is constantly striving towards it. The organization has also invested heavily towards integrating more service platforms with Hyperproof to ensure a seamless workflow across any IT environment it comes across. In addition, the company has added risk management modules to the platform that takes its capabilities beyond complianceComOp and allows organizations to monitor the risks across an enterprise linked to their controls.towards the risk management area. The modules also include vendor risk management capabilityaspects where users can survey, assess fare, and score their vendors and suppliers from a risk perspective. in a specialized dashboard. Hence, Hyperproof continually strives to promote transparency in its client's operations so that it can impart its corporate mantra, 'Bring Trust to Life,' in them.
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Craig Unger, CEO

Hyperproof is a software company focused on creating a revolutionary software that brings trust to life. As a result, Hyperproof delivered an innovative SaaS compliance operations platform that empowers compliance, risk, and security teams to stay on top of all compliance work and manage organizational risks on a continuous basis.